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Our network is processing a much higher volume of traffic. The Network Operations team is working to ensure that there are limited interruptions to your wireless service. If you need to contact us, we are available Monday to Sunday, 7am to 1am CT by calling 611 from your cell phone or if 611 is unavailable please call 1-866-310-1023

Why Prepaid Phones

Talk, text, save without the plan, plan, plan.

Canada's #1 Prepaid Network

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Say yes to SpeakOut Prepaid Wireless. Say no to everything else.

No monthly bills. No commitments. No contracts. You simply get the phone, buy the time, and connect with what you love. And any time you top up your account, your airtime is good again for another 365 days. How can you say no to that?

365 Days

Long, long-lasting airtime.

Did you know that SpeakOut’s prepaid airtime has a 365-day expiry? Meaning you choose to talk and text and surf when you’re good and ready. Period. If you top up anytime during your 365-day period it is even longer lasting airtime, virtually timeless.

No Contracts

Who needs contracts besides nobody?

You choosing SpeakOut Prepaid Wireless is commitment enough for us. So you won’t need to sign anything. Not now. Not ever. Contract-free. Piggy-bank friendly. Affordable plans with no strings attached. Stick to your mobile budget without the contract or obligations. There are no credit checks and no fixed-term contracts, just affordable and reliable nation-wide wireless service.


Money talks. And texts. And surfs.

SpeakOut Wireless is home to affordable wireless phones, rates, and bundles. But don’t take our biased word for it, check it out for yourself. Learn more about available rates & add-ons.


Phones that fit your lifestyle.

Everyone’s different, just like our phones. And thankfully, we’ve got some good ones. Phones with cameras, Bluetooth functionality, flashlights, radios — so you can rock out while you SpeakOut. Learn more about available phones.


Managing your entire account is entirely easy.

You have the power to easily activate SIMs, activate vouchers, and manage your value plan for added savings.

Top Up

We’ll top you up with Top Ups. Automatically.

After you create an account, you can set up an Automatic Top Up (for all your phone numbers) which tops-up your account automatically. Staying on budget has never been more effortless. Learn more about Automatic Top Ups.


Anytime, anywhere Long Distance Calling

Our newest per minute rate include Canada-wide long distance calls without the extra fees or changes. Pay just .30 cents/minute with SpeakOut Wireless. Our reliable network will take care of the rest no matter what time zone you are in.

Top Up

Our SIM cards. Your BFF.

Our SIM cards cover most phones on the market. Just insert a SpeakOut 3-in-1 SIM card and start talking, surfing, and saving today. Or tomorrow - you’re in charge.