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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Popular FAQs

GSM (2G) Network Update
How do I get data and MMS working on my iPhone?
I am not able to send or receive text messages.
How do I check my account balance and expiry date?
I have a new phone that uses a different size SIM card. How can I keep my number and account balance?
How do I keep my phone number from another service provider and transfer it to SpeakOut Wireless?
What happens after I use all the minutes and/or data in a 30 Day Plan?
My balance expired. How do I get it back?
What phones work on SpeakOut Wireless?
Why isn’t my data working?
What happens if I don’t top up my account after it expires?
How do I get my plan back after it expires?
How will I know my plan has been added?


Can I choose my phone number?
How do I activate my new SpeakOut Wireless Phone or SIM Card?
Where can I use my SpeakOut Wireless phone?

Account Management

Can I transfer my account balance to another SpeakOut Wireless account?
How do I activate my account top up to my SpeakOut Wireless account?
How long do I have to add my top up voucher?
Is there a limit to the amount i can add to my account?
My account balance has expired. What do I do now?
Why is my account expired?
Where can I purchase SpeakOut Wireless account top ups?
What can i use my balance for?


How do I change my voicemail passcode?
How do I setup my voicemail?
How do I retrieve voicemail messages?

30 Day Plans

How do I add a 30 Day Plan to my SpeakOut Wireless account?
I added a plan online but it doesn't seem to be working. What should I do?
If I remove my plan before the 30 days are up, will I get a refund?
What happens when I remove a plan from my account?
What is a 30 Day Anniversary Date?

Data and Messaging

Does SpeakOut Wireless support LTE?
How do I get data and MMS working on my iPhone?
How do I keep track of my data usage?
What are the data and MMS settings?
What happens if I use all the data in my 30 Day Plan?

Phones & Accessories

Having trouble with your phone accessory purchased with SpeakOut Wireless?
How do I program my unlocked Moto E or G?

Long Distance

What is the charge for Canadian Long Distance calls?
While travelling, will my outgoing calls be long distance if they are local to the city I am visiting?

SIM Cards

Can I purchase a SIM card to use in a phone I already own?
Can I purchase a SIM card without a SpeakOut phone?
What happens if my SIM card is rejected?
What kinds of phones use SIM cards?

Local Number Portability

Can I move my existing Pre-Paid or Post-Paid wireless number to SpeakOut Wireless?
Can I move my SpeakOut Wireless number to another provider?
Can I port my landline phone number to wireless?
How long does it take to Port In my existing number to SpeakOut Wireless?
What information will you need from me to transfer my number to SpeakOut?
What is local number portability?
Will I be able to keep my existing phone when I make the switch to SpeakOut Wireless?

Buy Online - General

Can I cancel my purchase transaction?
How can I get a refund for my accessory purchase?
I purchased airtime online, but it isn’t being topped up to my account.
What forms of payment are accepted online?
What is your return policy?

Buy Online - Shipping

Do you ship phones to Quebec?
How long will it take to process my order?
I have a P.O. Box address. Can I have my phone delivered there?
Why hasn’t my SIM card arrived?

Buy Online - Security

My credit card is not working.
What is done with my credit card information?
What is this CVV number all about? Why do I need it?

Automatic 30 Day Top Ups

Can I cancel my Automatic Top Up purchases?
Can I change my credit card number once an Automatic Top Up has been set up?
Can I set up an Automatic Top Up without making a purchase?
Can I set up Automatic Top Up purchases for my SpeakOut account?
How do I change the billing date of my Automatic Top Up?
How do I set up my account so that my credit card can automatically Top Up my Phone Number(s)?
What are my payment options for Automatic Top Ups?
What happens if my scheduled Automatic Top Up is declined?
Why didn’t my Automatic Top Up work?


Can I get an invoice with my monthly activity?
Can I use my SpeakOut number when i am outside Canada?
How can I use 911?
How do I change my number?
I just topped up, but the amount loaded is less. What happened to rest of the top-up?
My SpeakOut phone/SIM card is lost or damaged, what now?
What is the Government Regulatory Fee?
Will I receive Alert Ready Warning messages?