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Customer Reviews

When it comes to rates, features, offers, and customer service, our customers love to speak up about SpeakOut!

"I just set up my phone this morning and everything works perfectly! Very pleased! Just wanted to say awesome job and keep up the great work guys!" Sean V. Toronto, ON

"I have switched to SpeakOut and just wanted to say that everything went just fine. Signed up on December 30 and was told it may take a few business days to complete the transfer but it was done the next day. Thanks very much." Laura, ON.

"There is NO comparison to SpeakOut. From the 365-day expiry on all Top Ups, to a much larger local calling area than anyone else, SpeakOut is the best wireless carrier I have ever been with, and I've had a cell phone since 1989. I recommend them to everyone!" Andrew H.


"It's a great phone service for your kids to help you keep track of them, and the minutes last for a year. And SpeakOut frequently offers great deals!" Rob D.


"I had occasion to contact Customer Service. I spoke to a young lady and although I had several somewhat confusing (to me, at least) tasks on my list, including activating one new phone, one new SIM card, and moving SIM's from one phone to another, [the customer service agent] handled all of these issues flawlessly, with courtesy, patience, grace and a smile in her voice.

"I have dealt with many companies over the years; SpeakOut Customer Service is always excellent, but the assistance on Saturday was absolutely superb - well above and beyond the norm… it went far beyond. I was completely muddled up, and [the agent] breezed through and got everything straightened out smoothly and with great expertise and patience.

"I know something about telephone customer support from my own experience. Before retirement, I was a senior technical specialist in a very large call centre, one of a handful of "last resort" problem solvers, called upon to assist customer service agents in resolving difficult issues. I also trained and coached customer service agents. Thus, I know a bit about providing telephone support, and about what constitutes excellent customer service. 

"The help for me on Saturday would have earned a "Gold Star" certificate... Thank you very much!" James D.


"SpeakOut Rules. My $25 has lasted me 3 months already and is still going. I am going to get another phone for my girlfriend!" Choi Y.


"Just a word of thanks to customer service staff who worked on my problems with my phone. I am very proud to say that both my wife, and myself are SpeakOut phone users and love them. Thank you again." Ernie T.