Activate Phone/SIM Maintenance Notice
Phone/SIM activations will be unavailable between Sat Apr 26th 5:30pm PST and Sun Apr 27th 10:00am PST as we are performing scheduled maintenance.

Activate Your Prepaid Phone or SIM Card Online

This is where you can activate your new SpeakOut prepaid phone or SIM card. Simply use the form below, and you’ll be talking and texting away before you know it.

I am activating a:  

Please enter your 7-digit SpeakOut Activation Code provided with your phone.

Please enter your 15-digit IMEI number.

Please create a 4-digit PIN.

Confirm your 4-digit PIN.

Your local calling area determines what we will bill as a local call. Pick the area where you’ll make most of your calls.


Type the letters shown in the picture

Please ensure your phone is turned off before you click activate.

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