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Why go with a SpeakOut prepaid phone? Let's find out.

7-Eleven SpeakOut prepaid mobile phones offer everything you wouldn’t expect from a mobile phone outfit. Namely, no monthly bills, no contracts, no system access fees, no commitments, no strings attached, and no fine print trickery. You simply buy the cell phone (in some cases, they’re even free), buy the time, start talking and texting, and vice versa.


Get airtime that lasts a long time.

SpeakOut’s prepaid airtime cards have a 365-day expiry date. So whether you’re going abroad to school or on a Caribbean sabbatical, rest assured that your airtime can still be used when you return.


Just say NO to contracts.

We don’t believe in them. Why? Because contracts make complications. With SpeakOut, it’s easy to get your phone, in your hand, without a pen in the other. With no commitments, no hassles and no handcuffs.


No system access fees. None. We’re talking zero.

When you buy a SpeakOut phone, it’s good to go. Much like yourself. No hidden fees or anything else holding you back. With a phone company you can trust, you skip the hassle of checking billing statements, and reading the fine, fine, fine, fine, print.


Let’s talk financial freedom.

SpeakOut mobile phones, rates, and bundles are priced competitively, too. Which you wouldn’t expect since we give you so much freedom already. Go see for yourself. Learn more about available rates & add-ons link_arrow.png


More, more, and more. For free.

It’s not just about the phones we have. It’s what you get with them. And when you purchase any SpeakOut phone, you’re getting free caller ID, free incoming texts, free call waiting, free...yeah, there’s more. Learn more about SpeakOut features link_arrow.png


Phones that fit your lifestyle.

Everyone’s different, just like our phones. And thankfully, we’ve got some good ones. Phones with cameras, Bluetooth functionality, flashlights, radios — so you can rock out while you SpeakOut.
Learn more about available phones link_arrow.png


Account Management.

Whether you’re just sitting at home, or somewhere far, far away from a 7-Eleven store, it’s always going to be easy for you to manage your phone service or top up your phone number(s) online. When you buy a phone, you have the option to create your own online account with SpeakOut, where you can check on your airtime, manage multiple phones, and be notified about special promotions. Register an account link_arrow.png

Automatic 30 Day Top Ups

Automatic 30 Day Top Ups.

With so many things going on in your life, we’d like to make things easier for you. Once you create an account, you can set up an Automatic Top Up for all your phone numbers with the Top Up amount of your choice, and watch your Top Up worries melt away. No fuss, no muss; just peace of mind that your phone budget will stay on budget. Learn more about Automatic Top Ups link_arrow.png

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