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Speaking out, shouting out for the entire family!

Keep an eye on your kids, and their top ups.

With family, there are some things you can control, and some things you can't. With SpeakOut 7-Eleven's prepaid cell phones, sign up for a SpeakOut account to manage ... well, everything. At least for their phones, anyway.


Account management? Family management.

Between work, school, sports, and everything else you're juggling, the last thing you need to think about are cell phones and airtime. SpeakOut 7-Eleven Account management lets you manage the family cell phones easier and faster. Manage everyone's airtime, value plans, add-ons, or top up each phone number online, or even set up a 30-Day Automatic Top Up.


Give them more, without spending more.

Make the kids feel like they can have it all - they don't have to know it's free. With a SpeakOut cellphone, you're getting free caller ID, free incoming texts, free call waiting... and so, so much more. And we have value plans and add-ons that fit everyone's habits! Learn more about SpeakOut features link_arrow.png

Already have a phone but want a more kid-affordable network? Check out the SpeakOut SIM!

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