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Prepared Answers to All Your Prepaid Phone Questions


“What can I do with data?” question arrow

“Unleash the full potential of your smartphone with a pre-paid data add-on, or as part of your 30 Day Value Plan. You will be able to send and receive MMS messages (plus MMS sending fee of $0.50. Incoming MMS are free), check your email, access the Internet, visit your phone's app store and download apps (separate app fee may apply), use most messaging applications, and use any of your existing apps that require network access.”

“How do I keep track of my data usage? ” question arrow

“Check your data usage online using My Account. Simply login and check your balance. Usage is regularly updated. Don't have an online account? Visit My Account to register today. You can also check your data usage by dialing *777*4# and press send on your handset. Your available remaining data, plan expiration, account balance and account expiration will appear on your screen.”

“What happens if I use up all the data in my pre-paid Add-On or my 30 Day Value Plan?” question arrow

“You can still enjoy the benefits of USING DATA ON your smartphone, but you'll be charged at a rate of $0.10/MB until your pre-paid data add-on renews (every 30 days), or until your 30 Day Value Plan renews. If you find you frequently go over your data limit, consider upgrading to one of the higher data options available with our 30 Day Value Plans.”

“Why can't I send an MMS? ” question arrow

“It may be one of three reasons:
a) If your account does not have a sufficient balance to cover the MMS rate of $0.50/MMS, your MMS will not send. Make sure your account has a sufficient balance, and also that you have a Value Plan with data or the pre-paid data add-on, since you'll need this to send an MMS.
b) Not all handsets have the ability to send an MMS. If you're not sure, contact your handset manufacturer.
c) Your MMS settings may be incorrect. They should be as follows:
APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
APN Type: Default
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol: IPV4/IPv6

If you need assistance adding the MMS settings into your phone, please contact your handset manufacturer.”

“What are the data settings?” question arrow

“In order to access the new SpeakOut data plans, program your device with the following settings:

APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 80

APN Type: Default

APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6

APN Roaming Protocol: IPV4/IPv6

If you need assistance adding these settings into your phone, please contact your handset manfacturer.”

“How do I get data and MMS to work on my iPhone?” question arrow

“Some Apple iPhones do not have user updatable APN settings. Many guests have been able to update the basic data APN settings with success using third party solutions.
MMS is not supported on iPhones at this time. We are looking for a permanent solution to facilitate the configuration of both the data APN and MMS settings in iPhones. We will let you know once this solution is functioning.
In the mean time, we suggest the following to get data working on your iPhone:
1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and can access the Internet
2. From the browser of your iPhone, go to
3. After the page loads, you will see a set of 4 icons on the bottom of the browser, select Create APN
4. On this page you will select Country and Carrier. For Country, select Canada. For Carrier, select SpeakOut. DO NOT SELECT SpeakOut (Old).
5. Be certain that you have Country set to Canada, and Carrier set to SpeakOut. Select the button that says Create APN.
6. This will prompt your iPhone to Install a new Profile.
7. Select Install on the top right. You will be prompted to enter your iPhone’s Passcode. You may be presented with a Warning. The network traffic is not filtered or monitored. If you would like to continue, press Install on the top right.
8. You will be prompted to press Install again.
9. Once complete, the screen will indicate the Profile Installed, and you can press Done on the top right.
10. You should now power cycle your phone, by turning it off and then on again.
11. Once the phone is back up, disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and test your data connection by opening a browser and visiting your favourite site.
*Note: SpeakOut does not support this website or any other third party solution and we are not responsible for any issues that may arise from making changes to the phone using the solution offered by this or any other site.”


“How much do I pay for text messaging? Do you take IOUs?” question arrow

“Unfortunately, we don’t. But our rates are pretty darn impressive so you won’t need to break the proverbial bank.

Outgoing Text Messages:

  • 15 cents to Canadian Wireless Numbers
  • 15 cents to US Wireless Numbers
  • 35 cents to International Wireless Numbers

Incoming Text Messages:

  • FREE regardless of the originating Wireless Number

Text Add-On:
$10/30 days gets you unlimited outgoing text messages to Canadian and US wireless numbers, 35 cents to International Wireless numbers, and, as always, incoming messages are free! Activate the feature on your online account, or dial customer service from your handset at 611 and get texting. Learn more.

“Can I send text messages to wireless numbers in Europe? Eastern Europe?” question arrow

“Yes and yes. You can send text messages to most International Wireless GSM subscribers. See Rates for more information.”

“Can I send messages to text message short codes? Do I even know what this means?” question arrow

“Yes. This service is available from SpeakOut. Short codes can be used to send/receive texts. Rates may apply.”

“How do I opt out of promotional text messaging from SpeakOut?” question arrow

“To opt out of promotional text messaging and to not receive text messages on special offers and information from SpeakOut (but why would you want to do that?), please dial 611 on your SpeakOut phone to speak to a customer service representative.”

“My account is activated but my SMS messages are not appearing on my phone?” question arrow

“After you set up and activate your phone, please make sure you place a FREE phone call by dialing 611. Making any outbound telephone call will immediately activate your SMS / text message capability. Not making an outbound telephone call can cause this type of disruption.”


“How do I activate my new SpeakOut Wireless Phone? Do I need to have a radio voice?” question arrow

“Of course not. Simply follow the 5-Step instructions from your “Welcome to SpeakOut Wireless” quick start guide, located inside your SpeakOut Wireless phone box. You’ll also need your 7-digit activation code and 5-digit Store # that is also printed on the quick start guide. Once you have received your new SpeakOut Wireless mobile phone number, you will need to make an outgoing call to activate your handset. Make it a free call by dialling 611. Problems? Call Customer Care at 1-866-310-1023. Or, activate your phone online.”

“Can I choose my phone number, like say, 604.VAN.ITY1?” question arrow

“No. SpeakOut handsets have pre-assigned phone numbers so you cannot pick a specific number for your phone. Sorry. Click here to read more about Local Number Portability.”

“How long do I have to activate my handset?” question arrow

“You can activate your phone at any time. Even now. Go on, activate it. Have you activated your new handset yet? Seriously? What are you waiting for? Lucky for you, the activation code does not expire.”

“I added a feature online but it doesn't seem to be working. What should I do?” question arrow

“To begin, ensure your account is active by making your first outgoing call. Also make sure you have sufficient airtime to cover the cost of the feature you are adding. (Note that if there is a high volume of traffic on the network, it can take a while for you to receive your text message advising that your feature has been activated.) If all else fails, you can always contact Customer Care by dialing 611 from your mobile phone (this is a free call!) or by calling 1-866-310-1023 from a landline.”

“I tried to remove a feature from my account online but it doesn't seem to be working; what do I do?” question arrow

“If you’re into the Pointer Sisters, you can always do the “Neutron Dance”. Or, if your taste in music is a little more current, contact Customer Care from a landline and an agent will assist you.”

“What happens when I remove a feature from my account?” question arrow

“When you deactivate a feature from your account, it is removed immediately and no longer functions.”

“If I remove my features before the 30 days are up, will I get a refund?” question arrow

“Although there’s a ‘fun’ in non-refundable, the not-so-fun news is that all features are non-refundable.”

“Will all SpeakOut’s rate plans, 30 day value plans, and add-ons work with the SIM only product?” question arrow

“Yes, you can enjoy all of the same rate plans, 30 day value plans, and add-ons with the SpeakOut Dual SIM only product. Keep in mind, if you are using a non-SpeakOut handset, we cannot guarantee all data services.”


“How much does it cost to call a toll free number?” question arrow

“Ahem, all local airtime rates referred to above under Rates apply.”

“How do I check my airtime balance and/or airtime expiry?” question arrow

“You can check your account balance and/or account expiry online. If you haven't already, register for a SpeakOut Online Account. Or, to check your main account balance and expiry, dial *777# and press Send from your SpeakOut handset. Your balance and expiry info will be sent to your phone's display. To check the number of remaining Anytime Minutes in your monthly bundle, dial *777*1# and press Send. To check the number of sent text messages remaining in your monthly add-on, dial *777*2# and press Send. There are no charges for these balance look-ups.”

“Where can I purchase SpeakOut Wireless Airtime?” question arrow

“You can top up your airtime online, or purchase a prepaid airtime voucher at participating 7-Eleven Stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.”

“Not that I would, but can I transfer my airtime to other SpeakOut Wireless phones?” question arrow

“No. SpeakOut Wireless Airtime can only be used with the phone the airtime is assigned to.”

“How do I add funds to my SpeakOut Wireless account?” question arrow

“Airtime vouchers can be purchased in $25, $35, $50, and $100 denominations at your local 7-Eleven store. To activate airtime vouchers from your SpeakOut Wireless phone, dial *888 the 12 digit PIN number followed by the # sign and press Send. For example, for the account voucher PIN 123456789012, you would dial *888*123456789012# and press Send. You may also activate your airtime or add top up funds online.”

“My airtime has expired; what do I do now?” question arrow

“If your airtime has expired, your account will remain available for 45 days — so simply add another voucher; if it’s been longer than 45 days, it will be reassigned. Once your account has been reassigned, you can purchase a new SIM card with a new number for $25 by calling Customer Care at 1-866-310-1023.”

“How can I take advantage of Long Distance calling cards?” question arrow

“Stop by 7-Eleven and pick up a Call Home or Call World long distance card. Customers can use any long distance calling cards; just be aware that your SpeakOut Wireless account will be charged the per-minute local calling rate for each minute used. So go on and call that friend of yours in Wichita if you want. Wherever that is.”

“How long do I have to add my airtime voucher?” question arrow

“You have 365 days to activate your airtime voucher from the time of purchase. During leap years, you have an extra day on top of the 365 days. Once activated, your airtime is good for a year. You should keep your voucher in a safe place because it cannot be replaced. Also, you may want to write down your voucher PIN number somewhere in ink, as the number on your voucher may fade over time. Better safe than sorry, that’s how we roll.”


“How do I setup and access my voicemail?” question arrow

“Set up your voicemail by pressing and holding the number 1 key on your mobile phone and follow the voice prompts, or dial your 10-digit mobile telephone number and upon hearing the voicemail greeting, press the pound (#) key and follow the voice prompts.”

“How do I retrieve voicemail messages?” question arrow

“Press and hold the number 1 key on your mobile phone, and enter your personal voicemail passcode, and follow the voice prompts. From a landline phone:
  1. Turn off your SpeakOut phone and dial your own SpeakOut mobile phone number.
  2. When you hear the greeting, press the pound (#) key.
  3. Enter your personal voice mail passcode and follow the voice prompts.
If you forget your passcode, contact customer service by dialing 611 on your handset — always a FREE call — and customer service can reset your passcode.”

Phones & Accessories

“How do I program my unlocked Moto E or G?” question arrow

“On the SpeakOut website the Motorola Moto E and Moto G phones are both unlocked phones. Download the How to Program your Phone Guide

“How can I get a refund for my accessory purchase?” question arrow

“Please call our product centre between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm MST at 1 (800) 465-9381, or you can email us at so we can help you resolve your issue.”

Long Distance

“Can I use my SpeakOut phone anywhere in the world? Even the Bermuda Triangle?” question arrow

“Calls can be made from within Canada, wherever coverage is available, to anywhere in the world. And we do mean anywhere. Long distance rates apply (plus per-minute airtime rates). SpeakOut long distance calls are 20¢/minute (plus regular airtime rates) for long distance calls made within Canada and to the United States. However, you cannot make calls from within the U.S. or from elsewhere outside of Canada, as SpeakOut in Canada does not provide roaming services.”

“Are all numbers in my area code considered a local call?” question arrow

“Yes. SpeakOut Wireless offers a larger calling area than traditional wireless service providers. In fact, many areas in your province are considered a local call. See the current SpeakOut Rates.”

“While travelling, will my outgoing calls be long distance if they are local to the city I am visiting?” question arrow

“Yes. You are charged long distance charges for any calls while outside your local calling area. Your phone number is assigned to the area you designate your local area.”

“Can I cheat on SpeakOut and use another long distance provider instead of using SpeakOut Wireless for long distance?” question arrow

“Yes. If your Long Distance Provider offers service via a Toll Free number you could utilize this service. However, normal local airtime rates would apply.”

Local Number Portability

“What is local number portability?” question arrow

“Local Number Portability enables Canada’s wireless phone subscribers to retain their phone number when changing service providers. This is similar to the system that is currently in place for home and business numbers. In terms of the square root of 56, 882.8, that’s why calculators were invented.”

“Can I port my landline phone number to wireless? Well, can I?” question arrow

“Yes, in some cases you will be able to keep the same phone number when transferring your landline phone service to wireless service. However, in some rural areas numbers are not eligible for Number Portability at this time. Please call 1-866-310-1023 to see if your existing number is eligible to be ported to SpeakOut Wireless.”

“Will I be able to keep my existing phone when I make the switch to SpeakOut Wireless?” question arrow

“Perhaps. If you have an unlocked GSM phone, you can purchase a SpeakOut Dual SIM card allowing you to take advantage of SpeakOut services on your existing phone. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new SpeakOut Wireless phone. See Phones for phone costs.”

“Can I port my existing Pre-Paid or Post-Paid wireless number to SpeakOut Wireless?” question arrow

“Yes. But before considering a switch, you should ensure that your phone number is still active with your existing service provider. Please also note that any unused airtime minutes cannot be carried over to SpeakOut Wireless.”

“What information will you need from me to transfer my number to SpeakOut? My Swiss bank account info?” question arrow

“Nah, it won’t be that bad. To transfer a wireless number to SpeakOut here’s what you need:

  • Your current wireless phone number and most recent monthly bill, OR
  • Your phone number and one of the following: your account number, your password/PIN, or your phone’s Electronic Serial
  • Number/Mobile Equipment Identifier (ESN/IMEI) number which is located on the back of your phone under the battery.

Transferring a landline number to SpeakOut:

Your most recent monthly bill, as we require your name and address exactly as it appears on your bill.”

“How many Mississippis will I have to count to transfer my existing number to SpeakOut Wireless?” question arrow

“The process to transfer your number should take about 2 hours to complete during normal business hours. As such, it can take up to 72 hours. Once the transfer is complete, your old phone will stop working and your SpeakOut Wireless number will become active”

“Can I port my SpeakOut Wireless number to another provider?” question arrow

“Yes. But before considering a switch, you should ensure your phone number is still active with SpeakOut. Also, any account balance will be forfeited at the time the port out is completed. When porting your number out, your SIM card will no longer be valid.”


“Can I use any GSM phone with SpeakOut Wireless Service?” question arrow

“You may be able to use 850/1900 MHz phones with SpeakOut Wireless Service, but 7-Eleven does not support non-SpeakOut Wireless phones. Features such as Voicemail, Text Messaging, and Wireless Web may not work with non-SpeakOut Wireless phones.”


“What happens if my SIM card is rejected? Should I take it personally?” question arrow

“If you accidentally change the security code on your SIM card and the SIM card is rejected, don’t worry: replacement SIM cards are available upon verification of an active SpeakOut Wireless Account. Your SIM card is free with your first purchase of a SpeakOut phone number. If your SIM is lost, stolen, damaged or you just want a new one they can be purchased at a 7-Eleven store.”

“Can I purchase a SIM card without a SpeakOut phone?” question arrow

“Yup, you’ve got it. Since SpeakOut Wireless now sells a SIM only product, as long as you already have a SIM-based unlocked handset you can convert it to a SpeakOut Wireless handset.”

“How much are SIM cards?” question arrow

“SpeakOut Dual SIM cards are available in stores for $10, plus tax. And hey, if you’re feeling generous, SpeakOut Dual SIM cards are also available to purchase for $20 through Customer Care. Just call 1-866-310-1023 and pay for it with a SpeakOut Wireless airtime voucher. All SIM card sales are final and non-refundable. New accounts created with a SIM only product have no start up balance, so airtime must be purchased separately and added to your new account.”

“What kinds of phones use SIM cards? Can I use my football phone at home?” question arrow

“Not every phone works with a SIM card. Unless your phone was purchased from SpeakOut Wireless, it must be an unlocked GSM 850/1900MHz, HSPA handset. That probably means the football phone is out. But don’t worry; we’re doing you a favour. Voice and texting services are supported on non-SpeakOut handsets, and data service will vary for non-SpeakOut handsets. Beware: Customer Care agents are not able to support or troubleshoot data settings for non-SpeakOut handsets, so make sure you know a thing or two about your phone.”

Buy Online - General

“Apparently I talk a lot and need to buy more prepaid account top ups. Can I?” question arrow

“You certainly can. If your account balance runs out prior to your expiry, you can purchase prepaid account top up vouchers online or at any participating 7-Eleven Canada store location.”

“Online accounts scare me. Do I have to face my fears?” question arrow

“No. To buy online simply enter your billing and payment information and your purchase is complete. But, if you want to check your account balance and/or activate 30 Day Value Plans & add-ons we suggest you overcome your fears and sign up for your online account. We’ll make sure to keep all your personal information secure and completely confidential.”

“How long does it take my account top up to get ready? My phone wants to know.” question arrow

“No time at all. Once all your credit card information has been checked and the funds are successfully transferred, your account top up is automatically loaded to your prepaid phone. We’re pretty sure that’s fast.”

“I purchased airtime online, but it isn’t being topped up to my account.” question arrow

“If you’re having a problem loading airtime to your account, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-310-1023.”

“Can one phone transfer an account balance to another phone?” question arrow

“No, and if you see this happening report it immediately to the authorities. But seriously, account balances are non-transferable. A purchase online will be automatically loaded to the phone number that was used at the time of purchase, and it cannot be shared amongst other cell phones. If the phone doesn’t like it, then send it to its case without a charging. That usually works.”

“My motor mouth friend is running on empty. Can I buy him a voucher online?” question arrow

“It’s a nice gesture, but we don’t recommend doing it online for security reasons. Instead, you can purchase a top up voucher at a 7-Eleven store.”

“Can my current account balance do any tricks, like roll over or play fetch?” question arrow

“Rolling over, yes. If you top up your account before the current account balance expires, the existing balance will roll over to the new expiration date. However, we’re still working on fetch.”

“Can I buy a $100 account top up and split it between two phones?” question arrow

“No, account top ups purchased online will be automatically loaded to the phone number, but if you have two phone numbers you can top up both phones in one transaction.”

“I’m a big spender. What’s the most that I can top up online in one month?” question arrow

“You can spend up to $150 per phone within 30 days of your last top up . However, you may purchase additional top up vouchers at any participating 7-Eleven stores in Canada.”

“I just realized my phone doesn’t have to stay in one spot. Can I top up my account while travelling?” question arrow

“If you’ve just discovered your mobile phone is mobile, and using it in Canada, you can easily access your online account anytime and top it up. Please note SpeakOut does not serve Quebec, Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut.”

“Can I purchase more than one phone? You know, one for each hand?” question arrow

“Yes, precisely. You can buy a maximum of two phones per purchase. If you have more than two hands and require even more phones, simply go through the buy online process again as a new purchase — or visit any 7-Eleven store.”

“Help! I can’t add airtime to my phone number.” question arrow

“If you’re having trouble adding airtime, call customer care at 1 (866) 310-1023 for assistance. Or, contact us using our contact form.”

Buy Online - Payment

“Is paying an option?” question arrow

“Nice try. But we do have payment options. We accept MasterCard®, AMEX®, and Visa®. No photo ID required.”

“Is there a special way that I can cancel my transaction?” question arrow

“Only if you have a time machine. Once your payment information is processed, it is not refundable or transferable, so best you get it right the first time.”

“I want to make purchases online.” question arrow

“SpeakOut is a service available only in Canada, excluding Quebec, Yukon, NWT, & Nunavut. We will ship to Canadian addresses only. As long as you have a valid credit card that is issued to a Canadian billing address as registered with your credit card company, you can purchase account top ups from wherever you are by visiting You can also track your account from abroad if you have set up a SpeakOut Online Account.”

“Let’s say I want to surprise my phone with account top up funds but I end up purchasing too much. Can I get my money back?” question arrow

“No, all top up sales are final and non-refundable and non-transferable. So make sure you know what you’re buying before you hit “proceed to payment”.”

“When you say “No Fees”, do you mean “Lots of Fees” when I purchase airtime for my SpeakOut Wireless account?” question arrow

“There are no fees when purchasing airtime for a SpeakOut Wireless account. It’s part of what makes SpeakOut so easy to use. We apologize if “No Fees” was confusing. Now the credit card companies may charge you something, so not everyone’s like SpeakOut.”

“Sometimes I don’t want a receipt. Are you going to make me take one?” question arrow

“If you don’t want a receipt, don’t print one. It’s fine with us. But if you want one for your own record keeping, we won’t stop you.”

Buy Online - Shipping

“Do you ship phones to Quebec?” question arrow

“No, the SpeakOut program is not available for Quebec residents.”

“I have a P.O. Box address. Can I have my phone delivered there?” question arrow

“No, SpeakOut’s courier does not ship to P.O. Box addresses at this time.”

“I received my phone, and it doesn’t work. What do I do now?” question arrow

“We’d like to get you speaking out as soon as possible. So if you can get to a phone that does work, please call customer care at 1 (866) 310-1023 for assistance. Or, use our contact form to send us an email.”

“How long will it take to process my order?” question arrow

“We’re pretty quick around here. Expect your order to take about three to five business days to process, depending on where you live and where you are shipping from. You should receive an email within 24 hours of the payment process, which will allow you to track your shipment online at Loomis-express.”

“What do I do if my shipment still has not arrived?” question arrow

“We try to get your new phone to you as quickly as humanly possible. Shipping times do vary by province, if you selected ground shipping as an option. If it has been more than five business days, contact our shipping company at 1-800-465-9381, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm Mountain time (MST).”

“Can I ship my order to different locations?” question arrow

“In two words: not really. When you order, you may only choose one shipping destination. If you need to ship various phones to various locations, you will have to go through the buy online purchase process for each location you intend to ship to.”

“What is your handset return policy?” question arrow

“Before attempting to return your phone, ensure you’re returning it for the right reason. If you’re simply having trouble operating it, a return may not be required at all. We would be more than happy to assist you at SpeakOut customer care by calling 1 (866) 310-1023. If you would still like to return your phone, we can help you with that too. No need for an excuse. As long as you return it within 10 days from the date of your handset delivery (as confirmed by Loomis-Express online tracking), you can return your phone for any reason. If your handset has defects, then the handset return can be made 30 days from the date of delivery. After 30 days, you can contact NOKIA for warranty repair. Warranty and contact information can be found in the NOKIA guide included with your handset box. To make arrangements, please contact our shipping provider Calalta at 1 (800) 465-9381. They will provide you with shipping instructions for returning your phone. We cover the cost of shipping your return and — upon receipt of your handset --in as-new condition (including all packing materials and accessories) — we will process a credit to the credit card used for your purchase. Refunds will be processed within three business days of receipt of your handset. Handsets purchased online must not be returned to a store location; they must be returned to our shipping provider as noted above. If you wish to exchange your handset for a different model, you must first return your phone to our shipper and make a new online purchase for the handset of your choice. If you have purchased or are intending to purchase a SpeakOut Top Up Voucher to add funds to your account, note that Top Up Vouchers are non-refundable.”

Buy Online - Security

“Call me crazy, but my credit card information is important to me. What happens to it?” question arrow

“Your credit card information is collected and processed by a third-party payment gateway that works hand in hand with credit card companies. 7-Eleven doesn’t keep any of the personal credit history information.”

“What is this CVV number all about? Why do I need it?” question arrow

“A Card Verification Value (CVV) is a three- to four-digit code on the back of a credit card (for Visa and MasterCard). If you carry an AMEX card, the number is found on the front of the card. This helps ensure that the customer making the purchase is actually in possession of their credit card and therefore reduces the chance of fraud.”

Accessories - Other

“Where can I use my phone? Are elevators off limits?” question arrow

“SpeakOut Wireless Coverage is available to over 94% of Canadians. Go on and roam about. Check out our coverage map if needed. As far as elevators go, that depends on a lot of factors, including, why in the heck would you be on the phone in an elevator anyway?”

“Can I get an invoice with my monthly activity if I say pretty please?” question arrow

“No. Not even if you’re polite. In order to keep your costs as low as possible we do not provide monthly invoices.”

“What warranty coverage does my new SpeakOut phone come with? Does this question make me sound like a car dealer?” question arrow

“SpeakOut handsets can be returned to the 7-Eleven you purchased your SpeakOut handset from for any reason within 10 days from date of purchase, and within 30 days for defects. After 30 days please contact Nokia Canada Ltd. for warranty repair. Handsets must be returned complete and in new condition. Nokia Ltd. provides a one-year warranty on your handset. See your manuals for additional information.”

“Having trouble with our website?” question arrow

“For web support, visit Sorry, that’s just mean. Reach our Customer Care by calling 1-866-310-1023 from a landline. Follow the prompts to web support.”

“How can I use 911?” question arrow

“911 is available for all SpeakOut Wireless customers. A call to 911 is a free call. Depending on your location, calls are connected to the 911 service provided by the municipality or province or a local emergency service provider. The 911 monthly fee is charged to all SpeakOut Wireless customers and is a cost recovery fee automatically removed from your account balance.”

“How do I change my number?” question arrow

“It’s so easy, it makes texting appear challenging. To change your SpeakOut Wireless number, simply call Customer Care at 1-866-310-1023 from a landline. A $10 charge may apply.”

“Having trouble with your phone accessory purchased with SpeakOut Wireless?” question arrow

“Contact us so we can help to resolve your issue or return at 1-800-465-9381 or email us at”

Automatic 30 Day Top Ups

“Can I set up automatic Top Up purchases for my SpeakOut account?” question arrow

“Yes. Using Automatic Top Ups, you can set up automatic Phone Number Top Ups using your credit card. After you are logged into your SpeakOut Account, simply select the Automatic Top Up tab, and register your credit card. Your account will be topped-up at that time, and then again every 30 days. Sorry, we do not accept prepaid credit cards for Automatic Top Ups.”

“How do I set up my account so that my credit card can automatically Top Up my Phone Number(s)?” question arrow

“Simply log in to your SpeakOut account, and click the “Automatic Top Ups” tab. Choose the phone number(s) you’d like to automatically Top Up, and click “Activate Automatic Top Ups” to set up your billing information. You will be charged by your selected Top Up amount, which then activates the feature. Every 30 days, you will be automatically emailed a SpeakOut receipt once the Automatic Top Up is successfully applied to your Phone Number(s).”

“Can I cancel my Automatic Top Up purchases?” question arrow

“Yes. You can cancel Automatic Top Ups; however, you must cancel your Automatic Top Up before your next payment is due. The billing date of your next payment can be found when you log into your online account.”

“Can I change my Automatic Top Up once it has been set up?” question arrow

“Yes and no. You can change the amount that is automatically topped up prior to your next billing date, but you cannot change the date at which it is charged.”

“How do I change the billing date of my Automatic Top Up?” question arrow

“To change the billing date of your Automatic Top Up, you must deactivate the features for the Phone Number(s), and reactivate it on the desired billing date.”

“Can I change my credit card number once an Automatic Top Up has been set up?” question arrow

“Once you have set up an Automatic Top Up, you cannot replace your credit card number. If you would like to replace your credit card number, you must cancel your Automatic Top Up and set it up again using your new credit card number. Your account will be topped up immediately from your new credit card.”

“What are my payment options for Automatic Top Ups?” question arrow

“We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We do not accept prepaid credit cards for Automatic Top Ups.”

“What happens if my scheduled Automatic Top Up is declined?” question arrow

“If your scheduled Automatic Top Up is declined, all Automatic Top Ups with a phone number associated with the declined credit card will be cancelled. In order to continue automatically topping up, you will need to set it up again.”

“Can I set up an Automatic Top Up without making a purchase?” question arrow

“No. For security reasons and to protect your credit card information, Automatic Top Ups can only be set up as you are making a purchase.”

“My Automatic Top Up didn’t happen. What gives?” question arrow

“- Make sure your account is in an active status.
- If you have changed your phone number, you will need to set up a new Automatic Top Up.
- If nothing has changed on your account, and your credit card has been charged, contact Customer Care at 1-866-310-1023, or dial #611 on your SpeakOut phone and an agent can assist you.
- If your credit card was not charged, check your e-mail as a notification would be sent to you about any delays.

Value Plans

“How do I add a 30 Day Value Plan or Add-On to my SpeakOut Wireless account?” question arrow

“Log on to your online SpeakOut account. You can add a plan from the My Profile page. After you select the plan online, please wait until you receive the confirmation text message stating that your plan is ready. It can take up to 6 hours for the plan to activate. Any calls or texts made prior to receiving the confirmation text message will be billed at the standard rate.”

“What is a 30 Day Value Plan or Add-On Anniversary Date?” question arrow

“The Anniversary Date is the date on which the Value Plan or Add-On was added to the account. No changes can be made to the current active Value Plan or Add-On until the following Anniversary Date.”

“I added a plan online but it doesn't seem to be working. What should I do?” question arrow

“To begin, ensure your account is active by making your first outgoing call. Also make sure you have a sufficient account balance to cover the cost of the plan you are adding. Log in to your My Account to make sure the plan shows as Active on your ‘My Profile’ page for the SpeakOut number in question. Once you receive the confirmation text message, turn your phone off, then back on.”

“What happens when I remove a plan from my account?” question arrow

“When you deactivate a plan from your account, it will be removed on the next Anniversary Date.”

“If I remove my plan before the 30 days are up, will I get a refund?” question arrow

“No. All plans are non-refundable. While you can elect to remove the plan before the 30 days are up, the plan will not be removed until the next Anniversary Date.”

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