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Buy SpeakOut 7-Eleven Wireless Phones and Airtime Online

SpeakOut™ 7-Eleven® Canada is making your shopping experience easier than ever. Here you can buy phones online, top up your SpeakOut phone number, activate value plans and add-ons, and even manage your phone(s) online. All with no contracts, no commitments, and no greasy sales guy with the dead fish handshake. Who knew a shopping experience could be so quick and painless?

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Whether you're entirely new to SpeakOut or just want another SpeakOut phone — this is where you start. Choose your phone (or SIM), choose your airtime, and you're good to go.


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Top Up Your Phone Number

Top up your Phone Number

Already have a SpeakOut phone? It's easy for you to add more airtime. Get started by selecting the amount you want.




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Don’t have a SpeakOut phone or SIM card? No need to panic. Just pick one up before you top up. Check out our phones, and then find the one you want at the closest 7-Eleven Store 7-Eleven Store Locator

Activate Value Plans & Add-ons

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Want more benefits? Simply point and click on the value plan or add-on you want to activate and start texting, browsing, and talking the way you like to SpeakOut.


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Remember, value-plans and add-ons are only available if you have an active SpeakOut phone or SIM card. If you don’t have one, check out our phones, and then pick it up at the closest 7-Eleven Store 7-Eleven Store Locator

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